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Having the highest OECD police chase death rate is not OK, nor is Polices use of public funds to pursue the defense of anti evidence based policy in media by propaganda that repackages the issue as 'all blame on the FLEEING driver, now look away'. There is nothing 'bleeding heart' in expecting Police to avoid putting innocent road users lives like our own families at risk by exacerbating a situation that posed very little risk initially.

There is no scientific evidence fleeing drivers cause crashes more if left alone and captured later - quite the reverse. Police are more likely to apprehend people who are not chased, 70% of the chased versus 90% of those put in the diary for a later knock knock where alternatives like starchase are used.  NZs peculiarity is a lack of proportionalism that disregards human rights laws, given deadly force of chases is applied to minor offending. Police now being dual tasked to get criminals (unlike MoT) have a real conflict of interest in which road safety often comes bottom.

Causes of chase injury are police officers on dark roads laying spikes, police driving at excessive speeds - arguably illegally as it is not urgent business to issue a ticket; speed cameras do not chase, they post. Traffic violations by Police and those who they spread their panic to during emergency responses or pursuits, chasing during t
he evening (6 to 12 p.m.) or in rainy weather. Findings also indicate some potential issues associated with an increase in the probability of bad harm. Younger police drivers were found to be more likely to be involved in crashes causing injuries than middle-aged drivers were. Distracted driving by on-duty police officers and civilian drivers who did not pull over to let a police car pass often contribute too.(Hsing-Chung Chu, Traffic Injury Prevention, Volume 17, 2016 - Issue 5)

PICK Group was formed by road safety advocates who are alarmed by Official inaction to trim excess endangering Police pursuits after strong lobbying by multiple organisations. See news cover http://tvnz.co.nz/breakfast-news/breakfast-tuesday-september-21-3791447/video And following sound recommendations being made by the toothless Independent Police Conduct Authority that were ignored. 

Based on safer countries examples, we question the sanity of chasing youth, cars with passengers and traffic offenders - all modern studies and evidence show that such chases are contra-indicated and about as risk reducing to the public as Police shooting a lethal gun about randomly at an armed offenders call out. Lethal force (that's a chase) must only be utilised when there is imminent certainty to not do so would up risks.

From an OSH perspective 'Police officers should not be asked to engage in an inherently risky task when their managers are incapable of estimating the likelihood that they will be injured or that they will be party to and a possible cause of a traumatic fatal incident'.(Best & Eves).

The facts are alarming, more Police are dying in places without discouragement policies (The dangers of vehicle pursuits; new emerging issues. Johnson.R). Police have lost the plot and are racing like there's no tomorrow - it is illegal behaviour as they only have dispensations to partake in risky driving if there is an urgent need... to issue a ticket is not that!

Prior to the introduction of the boy racer legislation and an experimental quota setting software package that aims to make Police "revenue neutral" Kiwi cops had a good safety record with an average of 1-2 deaths by pursuit yearly. Then all hell broke loose.

With rising quotas ACC's bill for crash injury claimants rose from 2Billion in 2002 to 7Billion, while Police pursuit deaths alongside a 400% rise in pursuits to 2000 per annum rose to the current (per capita rate) OECD leading number of a dozen odd deaths befalling runners and innocent parties per year.

The Police generated decline in road safety (a matter painstakingly highlighted in respectful submissions by AA scientists to the Government) ended with Kiwis having the highest risk of road death per vehicle kilometre travelled in the OECD. We're concerned this unnecessary harm is especially concentrated among youth.

Three reviews of the impact of the quota setting software by the Transport Ministry found that the higher the quotas went the higher the crash trauma went. Not believing their eyes the fanatical scientists advised a complicit Police force to "ignore the results and try to believe we have the right system".

PICK supposes this flip advice cropped up and was followed blindly by Police (in flagrant disregard of vows to protect life) because the trialed software is a prototype funding system that is scheduled for roll out in the second and third world, with a new UN sponsored organisation called Road-Pol that is headquartered in Wellington being positioned on the lecture circuit as big brother know it all mentors.

Countries signing up for this mentoring program may do well to read a little story about a Trojan Horse.  Wise men who come bearing road safety gifts alongside world bank transport lenders who'll offer cheap money for patrol cars and speed cams and breathalysers in order to take advisory control of an expandible Police force - just may bear false gold.

'According to human rights legislation, the investigation into deaths involving the state should incorporate appropriate organizational
learning and the failure to do so may lead to these organizations being held accountable for recurrences of preventable tragedies.'
- Journal of Criminal Justice; Why are there no lessons learned from road traffic incidents involving the police?
Police Complaints Authority, UK

NZ is not the gold standard of worlds best road safety practice that it is being shamelessly advertised as. We initiated and still support the call for an Inquiry can save Kiwi road users souls from high trauma risks - whether they are Police targets or just unfortunate enough to use the Nations roads.

Not even a short chase -  Research indicates that pursuits become dangerous quite quickly. For example, 50 percent of all pursuit collisions occur in the first 2 minutes of the pursuit, and more than 70 percent of all collisions occur before the sixth minute.

New Zealand's Police Minister has wasted a lot of soundbItes asking those who'd flee from Police to cut it out - because it's all their fault. Also she'd like to look at heavier sentences for runners

PICKS  responses are

1) Why do some countries of a similar size only have a dozen chases a year? Perhaps our Police are just in peoples faces too much and pursuit happy.

2) Isn't heavier sentences under the boy racer legislation a part of why more are running - are you really so interested in deviancy amplification as to be this stupid?

And are you not truly unaware that 15 year terms were provided for in New York with absolutely no impact. Or that a 3 year jail term just enacted in a political kneejerk to 18 mth old Skye Sassines death in NSW has resulted in a victimless offender (in most cases bar Police pride) facing a longer sentence than a careless driver who had killed.

The first to be charged was a 15 year old girl who hurt noone and the passing of the law in 2010 was shortky followed by the death of a pursued mere car thief along with his and Polices innocent victims  Canberra couple Scott Oppelaar-Mills, 33, and Samantha Ford, 29, and their four-month-old baby boy.

3) The main power to control risk level lies with Police and with the threshold set for what triggers them to chase. Safe countries have removed Polices ability to us discretion and make judgement calls and applied strict criteria as to when the lethal force of commencing a chase is allowed - the best policies only allow such Hollywood stunting when it is a violent offender on the run.   


 One in four NZ chases that our Police engage in end badly.

While the Polices pursuit mania from 2002 till the last recorded statistics of 2008 produced death or injury for 500 fugitives 293 INNOCENT MEN, WOMEN AND CHILDREN ALSO SUSTAINED HARM. On  total about 800 more people than would have been harmed in safety valuing Nations.

Is it that Kiwis don't care why they fail to take fright? No, they have just been bamboozled with invalid justifications from Police for conducting 4x more chases than UK cops, Queensland cops etc etc 

 "The popular accusation that Road Policing only exists to provide the Government with revenue is difficult to dispute in the absence of evidence that variation in enforcement has effect on road safety outcomes" (NZ Automobile Association submission, 2010).

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